Movement Building Landscape Analysis

Acting on Shared Purpose

Mozilla is working to encourage Trustworthy AI, to leverage its resources to strategically tug the tech industry toward producing humane products and services.The Creating Trustworthy AI white paper presents a vision of machine decision making that supports individual and collective well-being, and a theory of change for getting there. Mozilla Foundation commissioned this research at the end of 2020 to explore issues at the intersection of AI in the consumer space and activist movements and map digital rights actors and other actors working at these intersections to inform the implementation of the theory of change.

The question — for us — however, is not what the intersections are between AI’s impact on society in the consumer space and social movements, but rather, what are the key social justice issues of our time, and how do AI and digital technologies intersect? This is key to understanding that we are dealing with human questions that require human solutions; a tech-solutionist approach will not suffice.

Published October 2022

Movement Building Landscape AnalysisMovement Building Landscape Analysis

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